Friday, August 15, 2008

I like... birds

"And since this is the last day of recording, I know where we're going for lunch...", says Noam. That posh little Thai restaurant down the road that I've been eyeing since we got here. And I'm going to eat a duck. Ya, we're running right on schedule, probably a day early in fact. As usual we had some hiccups at the beginning of the week with guitar amps and tones and all such things. But it got sorted eventually or at least so we think. My ebow, always the wild card in the mix has not been behaving well, chumma screaming whenever it feels like and all. We got done with guitar takes yesterday and finished the vocals fataak dish dhoom. Also heard that bands & booze got banned in Bangalore again along with dancing and late nights and all, so now I guess my financial situation will improve since I have nothing to spend money on. So when Noam asked us whether we'd like to work on the 15th of August, we just laughed and said yes of course. After Rohan comes in this afternoon (he's gone to belt some quails) and puts in some "explaode justify make knaown testify..." we'll be ready to start mixing up this cocktail. - absenteshwara


Gautam said...

rogan josh...quail is endangered..leave it alone..absent traitor thou ist..thai restaurant and all..
other than that good on you fellows:) yenjaaaaaaayyy

abstention said...

he's right runtun, watch what you eat or you might get arrested... :) - absence

Shutterfly said...

As I've said before- If you want background vocals going "laa cucuraaachaa laa cucuraachaa" then you know who to get in touch with. :)

Random Doodler said...

What fun! :)
Very kicked.
Write more.

oopsie daisy said...

hai jind!

montana said...

think i saw u guys in cake point alwarpet..nice new hairstyle kamal :p ! good luck on the recordings
play a show in chennai !!

piranha said...

you truth only, cake point is near our studio. and we're playing at the unwind centre in adyar on friday the 22nd :)