Saturday, November 1, 2008



going somewhere


tight rope riding



Edge, Manipal
So the tour is over. Disconnecting from it is a long way away though. Everyone's retreated to where they come from and trying to return to normalness. Pilani came and went in a haze of sleep deprivation, we hadn't slept before we left for Pilani, we hardly slept before we played there and we certainly didn't sleep after the show either. We just came back to Bombay and passed out till the next morning. Woke up slowly and decided to leave towards Manipal. By this point we'd all gotten comfy with the bus, and long journeys didn't scare no one. We left around lunch time and decided to keep going until we reached Gokarna, which we did early the next morning. Kudle beach was inviting as usual, and we all relaxed ourselves for a well-deserved break on Saturday. Apart from an idiot working at our shack (I think we all know about the India vs rest-of-the-world scenes on these beaches), and Bounce almost drowning (dangerous currents this time around...), all was well and we were in good shape to leave next morning. Or afternoon or whenever it was that we left. Reached Manipal little late. The sound situation was a little scary but the folks in Manipal always manage to get people through the door so just like the last time, it was a fun show. Emotion also in the end as we realised we'd wrapped up the tour. The next morning, we played football as usual before boarding the bus and eventually left the joint for our last drive back. We reached Cooke Town around 9 in the night, unloaded everything, and it was really strange to watch the bus leave without us for the first time in the tour. And the last time. It was hectic, it was superb, it was awful, it was exciting, it was up and down and all around, and everything we hoped it would be. Big thanks to everyone who helped us make it happen. Now we have an album on our hands and need to figure out what to do with it. But first some relaxation.