Sunday, September 28, 2008


The new album 'Going Nowhere' releases Oct 14th

Monday, September 22, 2008

Notam Project

So it's official. The album will be called Going Nowhere afterall :)

Coming back to Bangalore from Chennai after the studio sessions was like landing on Earth after a ride around the Milky Way. Everyone spaced out phased out suspended mid-air and retreating to their respective corners of Bangalore, truth be told just normal human interaction was difficult for me for a few days. So eventually we all came closer to ground level, and to each other, and started listening to the mixes we had in hand and evaluating them. It was very roughly mastered by Noam but only for the purpose of making it easy to listen to for us. Mastering is the process which comes last in the making of a record. After all the individual songs are mixed satisfactorily, this is the process where all the songs are brought up to a good listening level using special EQs and compressors, and made to sound more together - like they all belong together on the same album. This was the point where we should have been making minimal changes if any at all to the mix. We did have a couple of small changes, which we conveyed to Noam over the phone and he made them nicely. At the moment I'd say everyone's happy with the mixes and we're waiting for Yotam to return from Israel to do the final mastering of the record. Hopefully by the end of this week. After that starts the duplication printing packaging circus to get our first thousand copies or so in hand. George meanwhile is cooped up in his pen with his pen churning out a sykotic universe of characters for the album art.

So when album release? Mid-October. And some big plans too, we're all working hard to make them happen. Don't want to jinx them before they start coming together though so I'm not going to say anymore for now. But expect some announcements by next week...

- absenteshwara