Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Half Moon Whisky

We have a record on our hands. It'll take a few weeks to sort out the mastering, duplication, and art work and have the first batch of cds with us but the studio process is over.

Last Saturday, right on scehdule, Noam put a fully mixed (and temporarily mastered) copy of our 7-song album into our hands, we all hugged and left Clementine studio in a strangely elevated, exhausted, giggly, quiet sort of mood. We played the cd all the way through once while driving towards a barbeque the guys from Junkyard Groove had invited us our for and we all thought it sounded really good. I decided not to listen to anything Lounge Piranha for at least one week before I could listen to it again and be anywhere close to objective in my assesment. The party, as expected, was completely sykotic. Having not had a drink for three weeks I proceeded to get hammered as quickly as possible and apparently so did everyone else. There was music, whisky, solitary walks around the neighbouhood under a beautiful half moon, jumping off rooftops, climbing a trees to the roof, Tron bunny hopping around the terrace, me not mood to discuss any music band situations but Kamal and Junkyard's Ameet had the longest bizarrest conversation in the history of Chennai rooftops and in the end I got alcohol poisoned and was out of commission for the whole of the next day. Eventually we got into the cars on Monday, drove to Auroville to return the tube amp and cabinet and back to Bangalore. I'm going to relax like a butterfly for a few days now. Nobody knows where George is. - absinth


OilPastel said...

When is it being made available to us little people?

deejaylobo said...


PS - My ears tingle in anticipation.

oopsie daisy said...

very strange sichuasions!

all part of the plan.


mangrultzossen said...

when can i listen to it in good old germany?

look for george at the dragon cafe...